Clemder Loan program and credit standing

Benefit Clemder Loan is a government program whose idea is financial assistance for families with children. Mainly low-income households benefited from it. Many analyzes carried out so far indicate that the Clemder Loan program has improved the financial situation of many Polish families. Does this benefit also improve my credit standing and increase the likelihood of getting a loan? Can non-bank companies grant loans for Clemder Loan?

Basic information on a Clemder Loan benefit

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The government’s Clemder Loan program has raised much controversy. Before its introduction, there were fears that families would not properly manage the money received. After two years, however, it turns out that Poles most willingly allocate additional funds to cover expenses related to current needs and education (e.g. additional classes).

Clemder Loan benefit is granted to families with two or more children. Parents of one child can also receive help. In this case, however, a certain condition must be met: the income per person in the family cannot exceed USD 800 net (USD 1200 net in the case of a disabled child). The benefit is paid until the age of 18.

Money from the Clemder Loan program is tax-free. Loan companies usually treat them as a full-fledged income of the household budget.

Which lenders offer payday loans for Clemder Loan?

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Each lender has its own internal regulations and policy. Therefore, it cannot be unequivocally stated that all non-bank companies grant loans on the same terms. Entities individually determine which incomes are included in the full-fledged, included in the calculation of creditworthiness. These may include remuneration from employment and civil law contracts, as well as pensions, pensions, alimony and family benefits. This group also includes funds obtained from the Clemder Loan program. As already mentioned, most lenders treat the Clemder Loan benefit as a full-fledged income, which is taken into account when calculating the creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

Clemder Loan benefit and chances of getting a loan

Clemder Loan benefit and chances of getting a loan

Using the Clemder Loan benefit is not tantamount to receiving a payday loan in a non-bank company. It also depends on other factors, including the overall creditworthiness of the household. A Clemder Loan benefit may increase your chances of getting a loan if it is an additional income (e.g. to your parent’s wages). In some families, money from the Clemder Loan program, along with other family benefits, are the only inflow to the household budget. In this case, the creditworthiness depends primarily on the total amount of benefits received. Clemder Loan as an additional income increases your creditworthiness, and as the only influence can entitle you to receive a loan.

How do you apply for a Clemder Loan loan?

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Almost every loan company treats the Clemder Loan benefit as an entitlement to a loan. Applying for a loan with funds from Clemder Loan looks the same as in the case of standard applications for financial support. It is necessary to submit a loan application. If we need small financial support for 1-2 months, we can opt for a free payday loan. Most lenders offer this type of product. However, for a loan to be free, it must be the first commitment of the non-bank company. It is also necessary to pay the debt on time. Otherwise, default interest will be charged.

Every customer applying for a loan must pass an identity verification. Lenders can ask for the so-called verification transfer in the symbolic amount of USD 0.1 or USD 1.00. Some non-bank companies use special applications to verify the customer’s identity (e.g. Instantor). The institution will grant or refuse a loan based on the collected data. If the loan decision is positive, the money will go directly to the customer’s bank account.